Water is a big part of your life. It hydrates your community, fuels your workers, and keeps your family healthy.


With over 80 years in the water business, our highly trained local experts are committed to making Culligan the best choice for water treatment and delivery services in Cambridge, and the surrounding area.

Culligan knows

Cambridge water.

Water Softening, Filtration, and Delivery For Your Home

Culligan provides trusted, convenient water softening and filtration technology for families across Cambridge, Ontario.

Our equipment gives you better tasting, safer, softer water which saves you money and gives you peace of mind.

Water & Coffee Delivery For Your Business

It's easy to see why Culligan is trusted by so many businesses. Safety, quality, and great service are our priority, making us a great choice for your business needs.​


Our commercial customers love getting one easy delivery of both water and coffee from an experienced, CBWA certified member with a superior focus on quality & safety.

FREE Water Tests & Equipment Inspections

We all want to know what's in our water. Understanding what is coming out of your taps is important for the life of your appliances, the health of your family, and the cleanliness of your home.


If you have concerns about your household water, our local water experts are ready to test your water, inspect your equipment, and answer your questions--absolutely free.

The water system is well worth it. I do not have to carry water in my house, I never run out it's endless. You service it every year changing filters and testing the quality of the water. I never worry you look after me completely. Very happy with the arrangement.

Sonya Cameron

via Google reviews

Awesome service! My water softener was leaking out of the drain pipe constantly and they came to look at it for free! Told me what part I needed and how to replace it instead of buying a whole new unit. I should also add the unit was way out of warranty so it's nice to know there are still some companies that just want to help the consumer. I highly recommend them.

Chris Perry

via Google reviews

I chose Culligan for a number of reasons: knowledgeable water consultant, technology, installation details described in detail; installation was as expected, quality of install excellent, financing terms unbeatable and resultant water quality, priceless! No longer dealing with horrendous scale build-up, clear ice and no longer deal with low quality tasting water. Do it, won't regret!

Brad Scott

via Google reviews

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